Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Deaf Leopard


I just love this blazer. The leopard lining is just the touch of interest this outfit needs. (Imagine it without the animal print cuffs: blah-de-blah, yes?)
Blazer, Filine's Basement; stretchy cotton shift, SM Surplus Shop; Shoeboxx flats; SM Dept. Store
Yeah, I know the dress is crazy short, which is why I stock up on opaque stockings. Opaque stockings: Making the indecent commute-friendly since 1943!

Every other season animal prints are in and out, but I've always loved a good leopard or zebra print. The trick is to do deploy it in small doses: a zebra print cuff or a nice leopard scarf, for example, will add zing to a neutral get-up and always work the contrasts: pairing a tiger print blouse with tight caramel-colored pants and high heels verges on Fran Drescher costume, but pairing the same blouse with black harem pants and, say, some aggressive booties takes it to The Sartorialist feature. (This is the part when you say, pics or it didn't happen.)
The "I dropped my pen" pose
My only regret with this look is that it would've been a lot fiercer had I been wearing a romper.

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