Friday, July 15, 2011

Working Girl

As a kid when you told me the words "working girl" I'd only picture one thing in my mind: pretty lady in a pencil skirt, pussy bow blouse and glasses. Perhaps the 80s Melanie Griffith movie has something to do with that. (Or the original Joey Reyes Working Girls masterpiece with Carmi Martin!)

I love the look but me being who I am, I need to mess it up a bit. Looking 100% polished kind of throws me off, to be perfectly honest. Here's my take on the "working girl" template of long-sleeved top, tailored skirt and heels:
Sassy! No make up because working girls are busy LOL

Polo, Old Navy; Skirt, Apple & Eve, B Club shoes
How to do a "template" look but  not be derivative: be a little messy and unexpected. The haphazard hair is secured with a pencil and instead of conventional pumps I have my pointy B Club boy shoes. Shirt is also unironed but that's just my laziness dovetailing with the "exhausted stockbroker" feel I was trying to evoke.

The real genius here is the skirt:
Apple & Eve and a skosh pricier than what I'd usually spend on a garment, but worth it in every way. I never thought I could rock a pencil skirt until I met this. The material is soft but sturdy/thick enough to keep its shape and the built-in leather detail defines the waist and keeps it from looking blah. HEARTS IT!

Forever 21 Feather necklace

Plastic ring from HK, Breo Workout watch and silver bangle

Accessories are also unexpected: go rock concert instead of feminine and dainty for unexpected detailing.

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