Monday, October 17, 2011

One day in Alabang...

I met up with my buds at Starbucks, Alabang...when we noticed a familiar face in the table behind us.

L-R: my senior year roommate Ola, my daughter's godparents Ray and Cha and their little Sofi, and me (and a special guest in the background)
Could it be?

Oh yes it is!

It's Rey Langit!

We were honestly starstruck. At UPLB where we all went, we used to do classr reports radio-style, using his signature voice. In our course, Communication Arts, it was all about creativity of presentation AND report substance. Kanya-kanyang gimik para sa grade, lol!

This is what I happened to be wearing on this momentous event:

 It all started with a simple, form-fitting top with a black pencil skirt. I am a bit conscious about my pooch (puson) though, which this outfit sort of highlights, so I added a gray vest with chiffon panels for layering. Add some boyish brogues and you get a look that's office appropriate without being cliche. That vest, BTW, is a gift from my sister and tends to add heft with the panels, so I make sure the lines of the rest of my clothes are streamlined and fitted.

 Puson, concealed! Top and necklace, Forever 21; Landmark Vest, Due by Rhett Eala skirt, B Club brogues; magnet-and-seed pearl bracelet, a gift from hubby.

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