Monday, December 19, 2011

Bling bling!

One of the ways we Thrifty Moms can make our clothing budgets stretch is to style and combine what we already have in new and interesting ways.

Here's an example of turning tired staples into something fun and funky through the magic of styling. Take this very staid pair of navy slacks (from Landmark's Moda Plus brand, last seen in this photo); a busy sleeveless top that doesn't fit quite correctly (from SM Surplus Shop) and my all-purpose thrifted black vest from Magarbo. Et voila!

Here's how I styled these from frumpy to funky:

1) I tucked my problem shirt in -- I like this print and really thought it would bring much-needed interest in this outfit. However, this soft and stretchy shirt has a weird band that sits low on the hip, so it gives me extra muffin top when I wear it. Then the shoulder straps are placed too far apart so the neckline gapes too. I solved that by tucking the shirt in and adding a vest to rein in the extra-friendly neck.

2) I folded my pants. How to de-staid a very mature-looking pair of trousers? Muss them up a bit by folding the hems! In this photo you see how crooked they are, which is fine by me. It shows of my cute B Club round-toe pumps nicely!

3) I brought the bling. Accessories can really make or break an outfit. And with the basic palette of this outfit (black, blue, white), mucho bling was sorely needed. I'm wearing a silver heart necklace (a Mother's Day gift from my son), a multistrand necklace with black ribbon/black square beads and silver/glass beads; and a gold necklace with gold and black leather leaves and a black feather, both from Bangkok.

So when faced with the same old tired staples, think up ways to style it differently -- fold your pants-hems, roll up your sleeves, knot your shirts, wear a top backward, use a dress as a skirt -- be creative and have fun!

Interested in more Thrifty Mom style tips? Get the Thrifty Mom's Guide to Style ebook from Amazon or Smashwords -- full of practical, real-world advice and tricks. Short, sweet and handy!


Anonymous said...

ba't ang sexy mo? hahaha, nice!

Katrina said...

sa anggulo yan! hahaha!


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