Friday, December 9, 2011

MangoJuiced: Holiday Gifts (AND MY FIRST COLUMN!)

Back when I graduated from college, blogging was unknown and my dearest ambition in life was to become a newspaper columnist (!). This was fueled by the publication of my essay in the Inquirer's Youngblood section. "Aha!" thought I. "I can write about my life and whatever I'm feeling like and people will read it!"

Well, not quite. Just a year after the Youngblood piece came out -- and after many other rejections from mainstream press -- blogging exploded and I started my first blog. And I wrote about my life and people sometimes read it! It was fulfilling in its way, but I still sometimes dreamed of having my column, with thumbnail and everything, even if it had lost its cachet (I mean, have you read what newspaper columnists are writing about lately?! Save for a few great ones, it's mostly quite odd), just because it had once meant a lot to me.

So I was super excited when our friends over at MangoJuiced reformatted my weekly posts into a weekly COLUMN! With my own thumbnail and everything! I feel like I've arrived, hahaha!

Anyway...oh yeah, this week's post is on fashionable gifts for the holidays. Are you stumped about what to give your fashionable tita, stylish niece or hipster officemate? Or perhaps you want to try something new and inject some style into your wardrobe but don't know what to ask for? Don't stress, darling -- I have some key suggestions for you, including:
It’s now in fashion to wear those busy prints that your mom forced you into back when you were 11 and everyone else had, like, those dead smiley face Nirvana shirts. (Oh, I’m sorry. That was just me.)
Whatever can I mean? Read the post now on MangoJuiced to find out!

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Anonymous said...

Wow!!! So happy for you sis! Mwah!

Katrina said...

haha thanks sam!!

mitch said...

Congratulations Iggy! You totally deserve it! :)

Katrina said...

thanks Mitch!!


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