Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Boot crazy

We had a few days of surprisingly wet weather, and once again I found myself thinking of boots. BOOTS BOOTS BOOTS. How I want boots. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTS.

There's no shortage of boots in our shoe stores, that's true, but I can't seem to find a pair that says, "Buy me, Katrina, you won't regret it." Somehow, the pairs I see all run afoul some way or another of my criteria:

1) Must be rain-proof. I mean, what's the point of wearing suede boots in wet weather, you know?
2) No pointy toes or stiletto heels. The point of boots are ruggedness and durability; if they're gonna hurt my feet how am I going to walk around in the rain in them? I'm still open to a nice, block heel, but I'd prefer flat boots, thankyouverymuch.
3) But at the same time, not too macho or butch. I'll be wearing these to work, so buckled, be-zippered and chained motorcycle boots are soooo going to clash with my pencil skirts and blazers.
4) No excess material slouchily puddling over my ankles, please. What is going on with the boots I've been seeing, with their "ruched shins" effect, slouchy fit and extra material hanging over the wedge heel? I don't want to look like Astro Boy or afflicted with elephantiasis.

All I want is a simple pair of riding boots, mid-calf or higher, in waterproof material and rendered sleekly -- but not too close to the leg as to echo go-go boots. So off I went to Polyvore to find pegs for the perfect boots:
Boot obsession

Frye leather boots, $428
Burberry platform boots, $563
Frye leather boots, $458
Hermes boots, $1,375
J.Crew knee high boots, £350
Dav knee boots, $95
Juicy Couture wellington boots, $168
Black knee high boots, £22
Frye leather boots, $328

Wow. These boots make me want to cry. They're the perfect mix of functional yet office appropriate; sleek but not go-go boot sexy; kick-ass but not hilariously Harley Davidson. If the Internet were my closet, I'd want them all! The Hermes boots (first pair on the left, top row) are the most ridiculously expensive, but oh-so handsome. The patent leather Burberry riding boots (third from left, second row) are cheeky and easy-to-maintain, and those  Juicy Couture Wellies (first from right, first row) are surprisingly elegant! But it's the £22 Debenhams boots (second pair on the left, top row) that have my heart racing. I wonder if these are available here in Manila?!

I tried styling these wonderful boots with items that are similar to stuff I already have in my closet:
Rainy weather

Topshop shift dress, $72
J Crew j crew cardigan, $62
Zenggi cotton knit cardigan, €299
Ralph lauren blazer, £234
Mango cropped skinny jeans, £40
Dorothy Perkins cotton skirt, $35
Chevron tight, $15
Burberry buckle boots, $563
J.Crew platform heels, £350
Black boots, £22
Nickel free jewelry, $50
Sorrelli collar necklace, $165
Muji umbrella, $16
Totes umbrella, £15
Alexander McQueen silk shawl, £285
Mini umbrella, $20



impossible girl said...

I love this post and I'm with you on all 4 of your boots criteria. I also don't like anything tasseled.

Last year, I saw these awesome rain boots from Muji. They were made of rubber but really done impeccably and reasonably priced (SGD 60).

Katrina said...

Yes!! No to tassels!!

Great suggestion on Muji. Will check them out here at High Street. Baka may maligaw.


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