Thursday, February 23, 2012


I find bra shopping to be such a chore. I mean, yeah, I know they're essentials, and but I dread bra shopping season, because:
  • It's next to impossible to find my size. As you may have noticed, I am a chesty gal (36D last time I bought a bra) and the typical mid-priced brands in Manila department stores don't go beyond 34C. To get something my size I have to go to Wacoal at Rustan's or those imported shops like La Senza at Bonifacio High Street. Which leads to:
  • It's bloody expensive. The "good brands" go for at least a thousand bucks a bra. Which no one will see. Except me and sometimes my hubby. Yes they provide good support and all that one sees them. (Man, one time I was at Divisoria and my friends bought like 10 bras for 100 bucks each and they all thought I was snobby for not buying but I was like, HELLO? WHO WOULD SAY NO TO GOOD BRAS AT P100 EACH? If they fit me I would!)
  • Fitting them is tedious work. Sizing differs per brand, and it takes ages (actually a whole afternoon) to find that Goldilocks bra. I hate hate hate underwire as it chafes my ribs, I don't like extraneous frills and patterns and ribbon, and I don't like it when my boobs look like they're spilling out of my shirt. I just want a normal, smooth T-shirt bra that lifts my boobs but doesn't push them out more than needed -- which, you'd be surprised to know, is HARD TO FIND. In Macy's in Chicago I found the wonderful Warner's Elements of Bliss Wireless Bra, and now I kick myself for only buying one.
And yet...the French say style starts with good underwear, and our moms always told us to pay attention to it in case we get into an accident (the horror if the emergency rescue team finds out we're wearing bacon-ny panties and discolored floppy bras!), so I think it's time to put away these bra-shopping quirks and start paying better attention to our underwear. When my friend Gigi Santos of the terrific blog Gigi Goes Gaga offered to share her knowledge of finding the perfect bra (she would know as she does this for a living!) I jumped at the chance. I'm sharing her tips and advice in a two-part column in MangoJuiced. Part one is all about figuring your size out before you go bra shopping.Gigi says:
Before you’re off bra shopping, wear your best-fitting bra when you get measured. You want to make sure it’s not a padded, minimizer, or sports bra, and hopefully it has an underwire. For best results, the bra you’re wearing should lift your breasts so that they are right between your shoulders and elbows — where they should be positioned ideally. If they are not, you can tighten your straps by pulling them so as to lift your breasts to the right height. If your bra can’t do this, don’t worry about it. It’s probably why it’s time to buy a new bra anyway.

Read the rest of this super useful guide over at MangoJuiced!

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