Friday, February 17, 2012


If I could, I would wear graphic shirts all the time. They're my favorite! I used to buy these super-thin, extra-long graphic shirts from People are People and wore them so much that they...well, the fabric's super thin so they look all grungy now and are best worn post-workout. I was able though to stock up on loads of pretty, clever tees from the Pratunam Market, Bangkok and Bugis Market in Singapore.

The only thing with graphic shirts is that I tend to get lazy styling them. They're just so easy to throw on with a pair of jeans and scuffed sneakers. Easy, yes; stylish -- not quite.

Sometimes though I get inspired.

I was inspired when I paired a neon shirt with a pencil skirt and blazer (this ended up being one of my favorite looks of all time so that I included it in the Thrifty Mom's Guide to Style).  I tried the same trick again with this: a different shirt, military jacket and sleek pants instead of a skirt. See the whole look below.

(I love this photo too, it's now my FB picture! I fiddled with the manual settings of my Canon A650 and took this on timer. It's enhanced via Picnik but it's not far from the original quality. Kind of gritty and dreamy.)

I love the fluorescent light chever behind me. Feels like a fashionable interrogation.Chos.

I'm wearing: Giordano military jacket (sleeves folded); Pratunam market graphic tee, Bayo pants, B Club booties. Accessorized with: silver necklace from Baguio, plant pendant from Chicago, studded leather bracelet from Bosquejo, leatherette bangles from Shapes.

More of that fashionable interrogation aesthetic.

That shirt is so weird. Like the blue crystal-eating one, this is a Pratunam find featuring a family of robots from...1952. So random! That's why I loves it.

Man I'm so glad it's Friday. Off to jog a bit tonight and then home to crash for the weekend. You guys get some rest too. Love ya, betches!


mitch said...

psmtwant that tee too!

Mike Bishop7 said...

That's one of the best looking graphic tees I have seen. I have been shopping all day trying to find some new shirts because I am in need, that's how I found your blog. You definitely look good in that shirt, and I love the colors. Thank you for sharing with us!

Katrina said...

Thanks Mitch and Mike! This shirt is such a lucky find. Only learned recently that a lot of the sellers in Bangkok's markets are independent designers.


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