Monday, February 27, 2012

Literary costumes

So this morning I checked my Twitter and saw this from my friend, author and all-around super ghel Mina:
And because I am nothing but OBSESSED with Polyvore, I had to say in my best Barney Stinson voice: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

First up: my favorite character of all, Mean Girl Kimmy Domingo of Love Your Frenemies.


Alexon black top, £32
Moschino Cheap Chic tux jacket, £665
Alberta Ferretti slim skirt, $470
McQ by Alexander McQueen royal blue pumps, $421
ASOS clutch handbag, $107
BCBG Max Azria snake jewelry, $138
Danish Designs watch, $260
R J Graziano yellow gold jewelry, $65
Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick - Ruby Tuesday 71., €14

I adore Kimmy and I love Love Your Frenemies. She's such a bitch in Mina's first book, My Imaginary Ex, but in Love you can really understand her and she where she's coming from. Kimmy suffers no fools and gets the job done. In other circles that could be seen as bitchiness, but Kimmy feels that your need for hand-holding and prissy pats-on-the-back *cute* -- and while you're in the cubicle crying your eyes out 'cause the boss yelled at you, she's out there saving your account and getting back into the client's good graces, thankyouverymuch.

What would Kimmy would wear? I kept on imagining the classic '80s Power Bitch look. It's tight and tailored but there's an air of armor and protection. Kimmy is confident in her sexuality so she's fine with displaying her curves and likes a pop of strong, feminine color (like that fantabulous skirt!), but look out for the sharp angles in her shoes and lapels - it's very much a "look but don't touch" aesthetic. If she wanted to be picked up, she'd approach you. Her accessories are similarly streamlined and minimal, because I don't think Kimmy likes fuss or borloloy. Anything too cumbersome, Kimmy leaves on the bedroom floor.

Next is the heroine of Fairy Tale Fail, Ellie Manuel

Paul Smith summer dress, $545
Dries Van Noten longsleeve shirt, £420
CALYPSO ST BARTH lace tank, $225
Pleated skirt, $50
Stuart Weitzman high heels, $365
NV London Calcutta leather handbag, £135
Ben Amun glass necklace, $75
Kate spade bangle, $59
Jamie Joseph rose ring, $860
Yellow gold bangle, £70

Ellie is a romantic, a dreamer and a reader with a bubbly personality who still remembers her college lit courses like the back of her hand. But she's also detailed and organized and loves to travel. When the going gets tough, Ellie finds reservoirs of grit to get back on her feet and out the door.

I've tried to reflect the different facets of Ellie's personality in this look. She's romantic, so the shorthand for that would be pink, but I thought that Ellie's far too sensible (and not such a girly-girl) for pink. Instead I settled for a lovely lacy camisole, a shapely wrap cardigan and a swingy skirt for that feminine, romantic feel. Her love for travel is all over this look as well -- from the safari-esque colors of her skirt and cardigan to the Fair Trade satchel from Calcutta. I imagine her accessories to be souvenirs from her trips abroad as well -- maybe a bead bracelet from Bohol, a cocktail ring from Jaipur, a necklace from Bangkok, straw sandals from Kuala Lumpur. I imagine Ellie wearing this on a lazy Thursday -- no big meetings or client presentations to corporate-it-up for, or on a weekend date with Lucas, or when she flies into a city and wants to look chic and cute for a bit of light urban exploration.

What do you think? Have you read Mina's books? (If not, GO AND GET THEM!)

Oh my God, this was so much fun! Any requests to costume design one of your favorite literary characters? I'm game!


Anonymous said...

Igs! Please create naman for your girls (Pink Shoes Trilogy)! Para I can imagine the dynamic trio better hahaha =)


Katrina said...

Good idea!! Sige sige will do!!

Mina said...

Oo nga naman, Pink Shoes girls nga!

And thank you! They look so fab. :)

Katrina said...

You're welcome Mina! I had a lot of fun doing this!!


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