Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mexi-fab at Orale

One of the things that I love - and frustrates me too - about working in Bonifacio Global City is the abundance of great restaurants here. I want to try them all, but I can't! My wallet won't let me, and it's not a good idea too from a health perspective (I'm not advocating for dieting, see, just moderation and eating sensibly =D).
Dia de los Muertos skull at Orale
We usually eat out on Payday Fridays, and on this particular Friday we wandered around Fort Strip, looking for a new place to try. Here we spied Mexican restaurant, Orale Taqueria Mexicana. Quite appropriate as I was dressed in quasi-maybe-sort-of-Mexican inspired clothes!
Hola, señorita!
And y'all know just how much I love Mexican food!

Click to see more of Orale and the rest of my outfit.

I love Orale's fun, modern interiors: bare concrete walls and sturdy wooden tables and chairs with colorful Mexican interiors. There was that dia de los muertes skull earlier, and this vibrant and colorful mural with Mexican icons -- featuring Frieda Kahlo, Carlos Santana, Chicharrito, a luchador and, unless I'm mistaken, Cheech and Chong! It gives you the flavor of Mexico without becoming cinqueañera costume-y.

A picture window lights up the bare concrete walls and these sturdy wooden tables and chairs.
Cool little decor corner
And how was the food? Pretty good! I've been here twice and I had the enchiladas -- yummy and served with rice, so it's very filling -- and soft tacos with pulled pork. I'm going to try their wet burrito next! They offer different kinds of meat to go with your burritos and tacos, including carne asada (beef), pollo asado (chicken), barbacoa (pork), lengua (tender tender tongue), camarones (shrimp) and mar y tierra (sea and land, or surf and turf), definitely feels a bit more authentic than the usual sauteed ground beef. Check out their menu here to get a feel for what I mean, and here's a better, food-centric review.  

Me, Fran and Ava (who took the picture) enjoyed our meal!
Oh, and here's the full look at what I wore:
(yeah I jazzed it up with Picnik's textures thingie, hehehe)
Polka-dot shirt, some Korean label I thrifted from Magarbo, Forever 21 belt, Weekender (SM Dept. Store) maxi skirt, Manel's flats, eQuip bracelets, plant pendant from Chicago.

See you around BGC! Let's eat!

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