Tuesday, February 21, 2012

That old standby

I've always advocated for uniform dressing. I'm not saying just wear the same things all the time; it's just that a busy, thrifty gal needs a uniform in her arsenal: something simple and flattering that she can wear without thinking about it too much on those days when there's just so much going on.

My version of the uniform is an A-line skirt worn with a fitted bodice and a waist-defining belt. I've featured my own take on the uniform here before. This time it's is my "gala uniform day" meets "motorcycle wench" version:
I wore this on a very harried day crammed with meetings across buildings and topped off with dinner with friends, so I wanted a look that worked at the office but didn't come off as stern and stiff during cocktail hour.
 So I chose this high-necked blouse (Landmark), which I bought because it fondly reminded me of my mom's Assumption gala uniform and heightened the exclusive girl's school effect by pairing it with my favorite navy thrifted skirt from Magarbo.

Lest we get too virginal and coy, I toughened it up by adding a studded belt (Mango) and booties (B Club) with some fly chola hoop earrings and enamel bracelets.

Red lips (Avon Red Karat A400) seal the deal. Pak!

What about you? What's your "uniform," and how do you find ways to work with it and keep it fresh?


Anonymous said...

Such a lovely dress. You look so gorgeous. Love shopping for dresses online? Check out plus size dresses Australia and see their lovely collections.

mitch said...

luvin how the booties adds edgy-ness with the outfit and the top looked like a lace at first glance. conservative punk, nice combi! :)


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