Friday, March 16, 2012

Ask Mudra!

Welcome to the very first Ask Mudra post -- a soon-to-be regular feature in this blog where you ask me your style or beauty or mommy or whatever questions and I answer them!

I'm no expert -- just a girl (standing in front of a boy ah shet mali!) sharing my journey discovering the best "me" I can be through style and grooming -- but I do get questions from friends and readers on how I do this or that, what to wear, how to wear it, etc. I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner but hey, why not post some of those questions and my answers to them? (I'm kind of a dummy sometimes when material for my blog just pops up like that and I don't even think of posting it, duh)

Anyhoo, for our first Ask Mudra! let's tackle something vitally important: high-heeled shoes. Yesterday, I was asked: "How do you wear high heeled shoes all day, Mudrakels? How do you commute in them? Why should you wear them since they're so painful?!"

Let's break this down:

Why wear high heels when they're so painful?The simple answer is: they look good. They elongate the leg and balance the proportion of an outfit (e.g., when you wear a longish top or have a knee-high skirt). They add a dash of glamour to an outfit. They force you to stand straight, stick out the butt and suck in the gut (otherwise known as good posture). But yeah, they do hurt.

How do you wear high heels all day? How do you commute in them?
Ah, but here's the thing my darlings: I don't! Let me introduce you to my little secret:

Yep, slippers. In fairness, they're cute Ipanema slippers, so they don't clash horribly with my office get-ups, but still slippers. I wear these when I plan to wear super high heels (and when it's not raining; otherwise I wear my sturdy block heel maryjanes). I pack the heels in my bag and have these little suckers on as I commute. It's not just to prevent me from hobbling in pain and misery on the long walks to the jeep, up overpasses and standing in the bus; it's also to prolong my high heels' lifespan. High heels won't last long clacking on the pavement, stuck in lubak and splashing through puddles, and if you spent a bit on them that's highly irritating. Plus it's also dangerous -- I've twisted my ankle many times as I dashed to catch a bus, and yeesh, it hurts! So: I commute in my slippers, get into the office restroom to switch shoes and come out with my fabulous high heels on. I wear the shoes all day and after work if I have dinner out or whatever, but when it's time to go home they go back in the bag and out come the slippers again.

Simple solution. It's also one of the reasons why I carry a huge bag with me all the time.

Got a burning question on your mind? Leave it in the comments or ask it through my handy contact form up there and I'll get to it on my next Ask Mudra! post!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mudra,

It's my first day at work for a new management position... what's the best outfit that's both approachable yet commands authority? The dress code is pretty lax.. No sleeveless and short skirts. Other than that, I can wear anything. Although people at work seem to wear plain clothes... I don't want to overly stand out also. :) Thanks!

Katrina said...

Hello!!! Thanks for writing me. Check this post out - hope it answers your questions! (And re: sleeveless, just keep a cardigan or blazer handy in the office to cover up when you need to!)


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