Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dressing for your kid's birthday party

Dressing for your kid's first birthday party can be a little tricky. You (by you I mean "I") want to hit all the right notes: casual and fun and approachable, but not sloppy; comfortable but not lazy; a little glamorous but not naman to the point where you're wearing a cocktail dress and stilettos like you've never changed a dirty diaper in your life.

Last week was my daughter's first birthday party, and as you know, I shopped for it and planned both me and my daughter's looks to the last detail (dressing in coordinating outfits is one of the best things about having a girl!) For the make up, I kept things polished and simple: thinly-lined eyes, peachy blush (Body Shop) and my new Fuchsia Fun Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact lipstick from Avon (gosh that sounds like a weapon).

For the outfit:

Here's that Forever 21 dusty pink blouse pictured here. It was light and presko so I didn't feel constricted while carrying the celebrant, entertaining guests and being the punong-abala. I'm wearing it with Dorothy Perkins flared jeans and B Club studded pumps. Earrings are from Forever 21, long necklace from Bangkok, the short one's from my son, and various friendship bracelets and bangles.

With my son, the gifted gift giver :)

And here's the birthday girl! I wanted her to stay comfortable and light but still look cute, so I opted for this pink striped cotton dress from her ninang (Big & Small Co) accessorized with white stockings from SM and these Chicco shoes -- which are the only ones she tolerates as the soles are thin enough for her to feel like she's barefoot! I also made pamana one of my gold necklaces with a Snoopy pendant, dahil hindi na ako bagay mag Snoopy!

Dada making his wish for the little girl

In case you're wondering, we had our party at Shakeys SM Southmall. I didn't want to make effort na finding separate caterers and food and games suppliers and etc. I just wanted to show up, eat and go. In this regard Shakeys was awesome. We had the Bunch of Lunch meal package and it was really filling at about Php160 per head. The host Rhea and her assistants were very good with the kids and the games were fun too. We had lots of kiddie guests so no need to have the adults go up front and do silly things. The kids (and some of the parents) enjoyed the superhero capes that came with the party hats (a nice touch!) and the lunchbox game prizes were also nice! 

I just heard my 8-year-old cousin complain that the party was too short at two hours (ganon talaga) and that the lootbags were a little scant with just the bag, a puzzle and a water jug inside. Given that feedback, I'd recommend getting Shakeys to cater your party off-site. The host, games, food and prizes are still included, but at least you get to stay a bit longer at the party!


mitch said...

Beautiful family! congratulations to your baby girl she looks like your pretty mini me. :)

Katrina said...

awww thanks Mitch! I adore my kids :) so hard to work when I'd rather watch them play!!


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