Friday, March 2, 2012

Everything you wanted to know about bras...

...but were afraid to ask, Gigi breaks down for you!
St. Joan Holloway, patron saints of chesty gals with heavy burdens
- Ever wondered why your bra band crawls up your shoulder blades?
- What does it mean when fabric puckers on your cups?
- And is it normal to have red strap marks on your skin?

In part 2 of this Find the Perfect Bra special for MangoJuiced, Gigi explains all this and more, including why it's important not to get stuck on size:
Breasts are unique. Even if two women measure the same size they won’t look the same in the same bra. Which brings me to an important point: don’t get stuck on a size; it’s merely a number, not a rating or score...Someone who is a 34C is not sexier than one who is a 36B; in fact, they are practically the same size, at least as far as bras are concerned.
Read the rest of the article now! (And here's part one for good measure.) Enjoy, and I hope you find these enlightening -- I certainly did!


mitch said...

tips are helpful iggy, nice one!

Katrina said...

Thanks to Gigi!! :D


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