Monday, March 12, 2012


I've been feeling very menswear lately. Structured, collared tops, staid colors, trousers and brogues are very appealing to me now. As I hunted about my photos looking for an outfit to post, this stood out to me.

Note the bangs: these are the casualty of my Alison Mosshart company Christmas party costume. Looked OK when weighed down with mousse and blow-dried straight; left to their own devices and they curled up all retro 1950s-y. Anyhoo they've grown since this picture was taken, and I always look better when my bangs reach below my eyebrows (even if they get into my eyes) so all's well. :)

I like the workmanlike-vibe of this outfit - it's all Capable Auto Mechanic, with a side serving of Dramatic Long Cardigan. (Maybe it's cold in the garage?) The shirt is one of my absolute favorites. It belonged to my mom and she used to wear this to work in 1980s! This shirt be 30 years old, people! And it's got a nice stiff collar, this perfect shade of faded blue, and it hardly ever gets wrinkled. Never die, vintage shirt!

I'm wearing: thrifted long cardigan (Magarbo); vintage short-sleeved men's polo (St. Michael); SM department store brown leather belt; faded jeans (Mango - bought in 2006 for P1,700 at their annual 70% off sale); and nude brogues (Forever 21). Worn with: white gold hoop earrings, long bead necklace (SM again) and eQuip large gold ring.


Tania said...

I remember how whenever I go shopping with a guy friend, I always get inggit and end up buying a man's shirt for myself. Also, the shoes are love :)

Katrina said...

Thanks Tania! I'm glad there are options for guys now too for shirts that fit closer to the body, unlike before when big and balloon-y was the trend. So we can steal those more-fitted shirts hehe!


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