Thursday, March 22, 2012

Prairie Dawn

I'm all about the long skirts right now. Maybe it's because I forgot to shave my legs (and I'm so tamad to do it) and because pants, while practical, are sometimes just too practical and functional, so a long skirt seems just the thing for covering the legs while being charming and floaty.

Here's my favorite prairie skirt in a complementing taupe and brown palette, at the office.
I felt very fresh in this outfit -- simple, not too fussy, but not so practical as to be dreary. 

(Also, I found the perfect manual setting in my dinky Canon point-and-shoot. Now it's got that clarity and quality of light that I've been sorely missing in previous photos. You can even see how I match my make up a bit to the airy/floaty feel of this look -- pink lips and a peachy blush call up the fresh peg.)

(I exaggerated the colors in this photo so you can see my make up better, hehe.)

Proportion tip with the tiered prairie skirts: A belt always helps me to balance the lines between the upper and lower body and prevent teh stumpitude (it's a scientific term, 'yo.) And while I love that whole flirty ethereal vibe, you have to admit that overdoing it will make you look like a crazy hippie, so whenever I wear this skirt I always pair it with something graphic and uniform, like this striped H&M top or this polka dot Korean number. In this case a slim white cardigan keeps things streamlined and far from Wild West Madam territory.

Credits: Cardigan, inherited from my mom (probably Landmark); top, random tiangge; Forever 21 belt; Weekender (SM) skirt; Forever 21 brogues. Accessories: tusk pendant from Bangkok, SM bronze disk necklace; Bosquejo leather bracelets; gold enamel bangle.

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