Friday, March 9, 2012

The sizzle season: Swimsuit shopping!

My daughter, me and my sister last weekend
…And just like that (a la Carrie Bradshaw), it’s summer. You all know what that means: bathing suit season!

Full disclosure time: I do my best to be confident and own my body, but nothing brings home the fact of time and the ravages of childbirth than swimsuit shopping. I’m actually weighing-scale lighter than I was pre-baby, but my tummy’s all loose and my breastfeeding boobies are so unwieldy. That makes me uncomfortable in my previous sporty two-piece suits.
I’ve looked all over for appropriate replacements, which made me shake my fists in frustration, Where are all the boy leg shorts? Where are the Liz Taylor-fabulous retro swimsuits?

Just when I was about to give up, my sister found a cute, comfy suit from Cococabana at SM Department Store for just Php 600. (See it on the left!)

It’s actually two pieces: a bikini bottom and a halter that ends at the top of my hip. I could do with more support for the boobies, but overall this suit is wonderful. It skims my curves, reins in my belly and covers my upper thighs and panty area (because I hate shaving and waxing down there, yo.) At the same time, that sexy neckline and embellished halter keeps this from looking frumpy.

From this exercise, I’ve found that the best way to look and feel great in your swimsuit is:


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*Faith* said...

work that swimsuit pretty momma! so glad you did, go show other pretty filipina plumpies how to do it, instead of wearing shorts and tees in the pool (shudder)

Katrina said...

thanks Faith! heehee! This week I'll be writing on alternative swimsuit cover-ups, so we don't need to resort to casual shorts and tees! :D


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