Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Where I shop for: unmentionables

I've mentioned before that I'm an extremely lazy underwear shopper. I put it off to a once-a-year excursion, when I notice my stuff getting bacon-y and worn, and I do not relish it.
That's what I'm talking about! Image from here.
I'm very Puritan when it comes to underwear. I don't like flashy lacy ribbony silky leopardy sheery underwire-y boob-enhancing whatever little things. I don't like filmy negligees and feathery nightgowns. I am, however, a big fan of cotton. I like wireless T-shirt bras that do not poke me in the ribs or cleave into my back. I prefer to sleep in shorts-and-tank top sets or fluffy velour tracksuit bottoms (when I travel to somewhere cold). Given this, underwear shopping just doesn't hold any allure or excitement for me.

Recently however I came across two stores that just might change this lazy habit of mine.

Great deals at Peacocks
I've been passing by the Peacocks London store in SM Southmall for several weeks now and always made a mental note to go there. Their display of colorful jeans, bags and swimsuits looked so enticing. Well this weekend I finally went in and I have to say: I don't know what took so long for me to shop here! This place beats a lot of fast fashion stores by price and sizing by a mile.

Image from Pinas Fasyon
I immediately zeroed in on their underwear display. They had a vast array of bras in different colors, styles and materials -- and the best thing was they were buy one take one for P695 (GRABE!). There were lingerie sets (as in complete with garter belt and frills) for less than P800!

The best deal for me? The boy leg seamless panties! I got two packs of three panties each (so that's six panties in total) for --- WAIT FOR IT --- P435! Sobrang winner!!!
Timing ako sa sale! Image from Peacocks Philippines Facebook Page
There were great swimsuits too ranging in size from 6 to 14, with styles ranging from teeny string bikinis to figure enhancing retro suits.
The stock of garments were great too: colorful denim, vibrant maxi skirts, oversize sweaters and lovely heels. Peacocks' sizing is generous so it's very plus size friendly. (Sorry I don't have photos - forgot to snap pics!)

I have a sad however...according to the very friendly sales staff, their large sizes for the bras were sold out...the biggest size for the bras and swimsuit tops was 34D, when I am a 36D. So no, none of their lovely bras fit me. :( Next time!

Olga bras at The Ramp
Olga Luxury Lift Wireless Bra, from OlgaIntimates.com
I had much better luck with Olga bras at The Ramp in Glorietta. If you have unwieldy boobage like I do, I suggest you hurry over here before their stock of Warners and Olga bras run out. Some of those beauties went up 40DD! And they were sold at just P350 each. I grabbed two Olga wireless Luxury Lift bras at just P700 in total - fabulosity!

So that's my underwear shopping quota of the quarter filled. Where do you shop for unmentionables?

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