Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The white lace shirt

 I found the most amazing white lace shirt at my favorite place ever, Magarbo, for P550. It has a Japanese tag so I don't know what brand it is, just that it's so lovely and perfect.

The pattern of the lace got me too - it's more flow-y and Art Nouveau-y than the usual rosette lace patterns, and that trim is hard to beat.

It's cut pretty ordinarily, like a T-shirt, but with wider sleeves so they fan out so appealingly. The spare shape also helps to keep this nice and streamlined and not frou-frou (as I cautioned in this column!)
Adds a bit of delicacy when paired with dark denim.
 I am so in love with this lace shirt (can you tell?!), I've worn it with short shorts, ratty denim cut-offs, and today, with my new teal Forever 21 skirt! But my favorite way to wear it is with that aforementioned dark denim trousers. 

Dreamy and rough-around-the-edges.
Shirt, Magarbo; boot-cut jeans, Dorothy Perkins, platform clogs, Parisian (SM Department Store), pendant, Aksesorya, bangles, Girl Shoppe.

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