Thursday, March 15, 2012

Your guide to swimsuit covers

You’re at the beach or the pool and you’ve got your banging swimsuit on. You want to stay modest out of the water, though, or maybe you don’t plan on swimming at all. Do you reach for a pair of thin, fabric shorts and a white cotton shirt?

I say halt! Put the shorts and the T-shirt down and step away slowly. It’s summer, darling; let’s have some fun! Bring out the chiffon and the beads, the crazy prints and the wild colors. Summer is our chance tease in something sheer or to bare skin in a tube, halter or goddess-cut outfit.

The key to summer dressing is to bring some glamour into the proceedings. Pretend you’re an heiress entertaining guests in your yacht or off inspecting that private island you’re planning to buy.

Here are some ideas:


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Stephina Suzzane said...

If I have a Sunday free, I'll go up the coast and spend some time on the beach. I scuba dive and swim and sail. A lot of the things I like are around the water. Flights to New York


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