Friday, April 27, 2012

Black x Studs

I'm sorry to have neglected the blog's outfit posts! I've got a lot more pictures waiting for me at my hard drive at home. Will be back next week with better pictures and outfits, promise! In the meantime, here's a short and dark outfit (as befits our state of mind):
I got a loose, soft, black blouse from Bangkok last Christmas. It's all loose and flowy and comfy with puffy sleeves and generally the sort of shirt you pair with shorts and wear to the grocery or somewhere comfort is the max consideration. That is, until you turn around.

And because a good solid black shirt is something everyone should never take for granted, I thought to cinch this shirt's waist with a studded black belt (Mango) to turn it from errand-shopping to office-stomping.

Bonus: Insta-Peplum effect!

Paired with a black pencil skirt (Due), studded pumps (B Club), green pop-o'-color necklace (Aksesorya) and some Retro/Winged Eyeliner make up.

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