Monday, April 2, 2012

Colorblocked wedding

I went to a wedding this weekend. Silly me however forgot to take a full-body photo of my whole **thang** because I was so stressed out -- we came from a buffet dinner the night before to celebrate my brother's college grad, and when we came home my eldest came down with fever and vomiting! Good thing my mom volunteered to look after him while hubby and I and the youngest went to the wedding. Anyway, here's the breakdown of the look...sorry if you have to make it out as I'm carrying my kid in most of them
With one of the sponsors, Winggy
The head: I'm always in a gray/black/silver sort of eyeshadow look and I wanted to do something unconventional to play off my colorful dress, so I chose purple eyeshadow. (Tutorial here. There are a lot of slicker purple make up videos out there but this is my favorite as it''s the most you'll notice, too much purple eyeshadow can make you look very Jersey Shore.) Because the eyes were kind of strong I used pink lipstick and blush so I won't look so Pat Benatar. Turns out the brightness of the eye make up didn't register that much on camera! Next time I'll do this with a stronger lip.

I was going to have my hair done professionally but I didn't have time. I did it frustrating results! I blow-dried my hair and curled it and then teased the crown for height, at the end of which I was sweating like a pig with my make up running all over the place and looking like I'd been in a catfight! So I scrapped that plan and just put it up in a simple ponytail. Blech.

The Bling: You'll notice I'm wearing lots of accessories here. My dress is fairly simple and geometric (you'll see more of it later) so I added interest with some bling bling. The necklace and cuff is from Forever 21 and the ring is my own, sapphires and tiny diamonds (an 18th birthday gift).

All pictures are from Joyce, the lady in black. (Sorry for cropping the rest of the folks!)
The Dress and Accessories: Here's a better look at my dress. It's a silk color-blocked DKNY, bought last Christmas at the Karl Edwards Bazaar. It's cut square and spare, with folded sleeves and all that color-blocking doing the work. I accessorized it with a gold clutch (SM Department Store) and some sky-high (and mighty painful) red pumps (Fioni, Payless). I don't have a photo of them but I found the exact model here:

Picture from The Look Bureau
These red shoes picked up the red blocks in the dress and coordinated, not matched the dress. This is important as it's now considered not-chic when your shoes and purse match your dress (or each other). (I'm not really sure why, but I get that not having dyed-to-match shoes shows more fashion flair with your coordination powers. At the same time, yeah, it makes things difficult.) The shoes' height also made up for the fairly spare shape of the dress to avoid looking dowdy. But yes, they did hurt horribly.

Family picture (minus one sick Kuya). What do you think of the get up?


Anonymous said...

so nice!!! and cute cute lissyball!

Katrina said...

zenkyoo!! and look at lisi's cheeksss!!


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