Monday, April 23, 2012

My ZALORA Wishlist

My favorite way to kill time / procrastinate / let my mind wander for inspiration while I try to write? Browse shopping websites! They're my favorite pastime, actually. I love shopping but you all know as a working mom my budget's quite tight, so these shopping sites let me have fun and imagine the possibilities without endangering my wallet!

Recently I found another fun shopping website, which I've been obsessing over: Zalora. It's my current favorite because:
- It features lots of Filipino brands and retailers. It's amazing to see the creativity and style of our home-grown talent and makes me want to support them all the more!
- It doesn't focus on just one sort of product; they've got everything from casual and athletic gear to trendy fashionista items to kid's wear and men's clothing!
- On a budget? Zalora has items in all price points -- even stuff under P999! I found a lot of cool stuff in this section!

Accessory essentials
A lot of my shoes and bags and accessories are falling apart right now, so I took a look at what Zalora had to offer besides clothing and put together this wishlist of accessory essentials that every girl should have! Get these in the best quality possible, because you'll reach for these several times a week and they'll get a lot of love!

Ray Ban Sidestreet
First up is a good pair of shades. My last plastic leopard pair from Forever 21 broke about a month ago so I'm enduring an old wraparound pair my husband got for me at a tiangge. They're not exactly fashionable and I'm not sure they even keep the UV rays out! So I made a vow to myself to save money (haha good luck with that) and invest in a good, durable pair of sunglasses. These fashionable Ray-Ban Sidestreet Cat's Eye sunnies are just that. So pretty and chic! My husband has a pair of Ray-Ban wayferers from the 1980s that are still alive today, so they're durable too -- a fashion investment with infinite returns!
School of Satchel 13-inch leather satchel
You've all seen what my work bag looks like: a giant black duffel bag packed with all sorts of things, like my umbrella and make up case and cooler bag for breastmilk and wallet and Kindle OH MY! Whenever I have to shop after work or go to an event it hurts my back and of course I always look like I'm going to Baguio or something! Now that I'm slowly starting to wean my baby off breastmilk (she's 13 months and loving solid food) I no longer have to pump at work, so that means I can finally shelve the duffel bag and get a fashionable yet durable everyday bag that's large enough for all the stuff I bring but with a long strap so it's not so bad on my back and still pretty enough to lug around at events. This School of Satchel bag, made of genuine leather, pretty much fits all criteria. Because it's made of quality material I bet this will last for a long time!
Bruno Premi Verde booties
I believe that every girl should have a pair of booties in her closet (or any version of your "fierce" shoes -- slightly masculine, perhaps edgy, definitely interesting). Shoes like these elevate a plain outfit into something fashionable and add wonderful contrast to a look that's too twee or sweet. I wore the heck out of my own B Club booties, and I'm still trying my best to pretend that everything's OK and they're not falling apart...but the truth is that they're just one or two wears away from dying! These leather Bruno Premi shoes are another investment piece and they've got this rugged, hometown cobbler appeal that will make a wonderful addition to my fierce shoes category.
Wade pumps
Just as every woman needs a pair of fierce shoes, she also needs demure black pumps. These shoes will take you anywhere: job interview? important meeting with the big boss? cocktail party? wedding? Add a pair of black pumps to your outfit and go out the door, confident and serene in your outfit. (I wore my own demure black pumps to my lola's funeral this weekend, and all that traipsing in the grass ruined the heels!) Now these pretty Wade stiletto pumps have this cute gold detail at the toes that add just the right amount of interest to keep demure from being boring. I'd rock these shoes anywhere, anytime!
Cole Vintage Massa sandals
Lastly, every woman also needs a good pair of flat sandals. This is something I found out too late when summer hit us with a wallop and I couldn't consider wearing ballet flats with my shorts and light dresses! I cleaned out my closet to look for the sandals I used last year -- only to find out they were all broken! The right pair of sandals need to be comfortable yet durable; not too casual that they're only suitable for the beach, but not too elaborate either that you'd feel silly wearing them to the wall. I love this brown and gold Cole Vintage sandals for hitting all the right notes: the color combination is elegant and goes with a wide variety of clothes and that weave design is subtle yet chic. Another keeper!

Want to build your own wardrobe with some much-needed basics -- and more? You don't even have to get up to go to the mall, just head on over to Zalora!

Check it out -- and happy shopping!


chrisair said...

hi i join also we both pick that satchel how cool is that

*SP* said...

Hello Katrina!

I have a post about Zalora too. I am soooo obsessed with it right now and I have spent over 10K in just 2 months. I always keep my receipts because I don't want my husband to see it. :)

I really enjoy your blog.

Take care. :)

Katrina said...

Hi Chrisair! It's a lovely satchel! :)

Hi *SP*! Hahaha, I know the feeling! I also keep my receipts...baka mapagalitan, lol!


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