Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pleated pants

I resisted the pleated pants trend with all my might until, last December, I spied a perfect, khaki, not-too-outrageously-'80s pair at Terra Nova SM Southmall on major sale (like, from P1,395 to P595!). I just had to have 'em!
And now that I had the pants, I had to give the Safari look -- reproduced in November 2011 with normal brown office slacks (from Moda Plus) -- another try.

This time I had the pleated pants (which, BTW, are so amazingly comfy! I wear them alllll the time and I think my waist and FUPA thank me for it) and a de rigeur slim brown belt (SM). I paired it with a crisp white polo (Old Navy) and a green multistrand necklace (from Aksesorya) as an accent. Instead of tall clogs, (like in attempt 1) I used my animal print flats for more "hunting" flavor.

I think it's more Simple Girl than Safari, but eh. I'm cool with it.

But then, THEN! I went home and was confronted with a way more interesting pair of pants. (Warning: this photo may scar you for life.)

Come BACK! Don't run away from the horror!!!

"What the HELL is this?", you might be thinking. Well, THIS is my son's Field Demonstration costume. (It's missing a black bowler hat.) Every January his school has this big field demo that's incredibly fun to watch. The kids in each grade out-do each other in the funkiness and razzle-dazzle department. This year my son's grade did a 1980s theme and this costume is sort-of inspired by Michael Jackson. I saw the sequined bolero and funky acid-trip purple pants  and I just HAD to "make it work." HAHA!

(The field demo costumes also get progressively more, er, 'festive' each year. Check out my son's Merman pic at the bottom. So glad we missed out on drawing the brown seahorse look the other section got.)
Till next "pants-capade"!

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