Thursday, April 12, 2012

Review: #PRP3 "A Bag of Surprises"

This episode the designers are challenged to interpret Rocio Bags designed by Rocio Olbes (who, in irrelevant trivia, used to go to Sunday School with my sister!). The bags were sculptural and showcased a definite Filipino sensibility (although not all of them were spectacular – the losing model’s cigarette case being one of the less nice ones.) I enjoyed the bit where Rocio Bags’ co-creator Hamish Menzies explained how the clothes should serve as a platform for the bags or something – for a minute there I thought Craig Ferguson swooped in as guest.

This episode provided some low-key drama too – starting with Cheetah’s brush with a slow saleslady at Carolina’s (mga ate, nasa TV kayo! Wag kukupad-kupad!), which eventually cost her the win. Then there were some establishing scenes of a burgeoning crush on Nel (Ha? Why?), but I confess my jaw literally dropped at the episode’s end, when designer Amor Albano confessed she wanted to be the one eliminated!

But let’s get down to the designs.

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