Sunday, April 8, 2012

Review: PRP3, Episode 2 - "Young and Indigenous"

Season 3 of Project Runway Philippines has started and silly me was only able to catch the second episode this week!
I was a huge, HUGE fan of the show’s first season. It had it all: sharply drawn characters, great design and a nail-biting finale with three designers whose aesthetics could not be any more different. The second season, however, left me cold after a few episodes. Sad to say that there just wasn’t any…zing! All the designers genuinely liked each other and the winner was a super nice guy. Sounds like a lovely workplace, but it made for pretty dull TV.
Fortunately, the new season seems to take things in a new direction and I’m going to set my clock to start watching this every Sunday (it’s at 8pm, folks!). Episode 2, “Young and Indigenous” centered on creating a young, sophisticated outfit for fashion blogger Camille Co to wear to an event. The twist was that they had to use indigenous Filipino fabrics. I thought it was genius, as ikat and tribal prints have been making a big splash in international runways and high street chains, so the time is ripe to promote our own beautiful, traditional design! Not all designers were as enthusiastic, though. There were some wonderful hits – and some not-so-great misses.


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