Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Stressed-out momma

Yep, folks, I am going crazy with cramming a week's worth of work in oh, two days (Monday left me sick and weak after a whirlwind weekend + some projects). Couple that with kids sick one after the other and making last minute schedule adjustments for the long weekend and I am on the end of my tether. I kid you not, last night, at 1am, stressed out that I had to get up at 5am to make today's call and my daughter had a sudden bout of The Hypers, I was literally yelling "GOD! I JUST WANT TO SLEEP! AHHH!!!"

I just have to get through a few more hours of work -- comprising some team-leaderly stuff, preliminary work on something I need to send off on Tuesday next week, re-do's of things I thought I had in the bag, and research on something brewing on Thursday that's just the whipped cream to this delicious sundae of stress. Then I get to go home and worry about my kids and the mess in my house, too!

Sorry for ranting. Before I go off on a blogging hiatus this Holy Week (and get some much needed 'leave-me-the-hell-alone' time), I'm leaving you with pictures from one of my favorite vacations ever, Bohol in May 2010. Travel has always been my favorite luho. I don't go to the spa and while I lust after luxury bags, it's so much harder for me to swipe my card for them than spend the same amount in, say, three days in Bangkok. But I haven't been able to travel since having my baby. I suspect it's one of the reasons why I'm getting antsy. So here are some calming pictures from that Bohol trip, which was seriously all chill and fun and zen - stuff I am in sore need of this Holy Week.

One of my all-time favorite pictures, EVER. Me and my friends landing at Tagbilaran airport.

A valley in Danao. If you are in Bohol, check out EAT Danao, seriously. They have the best extreme thrill activities, like this crazy bungee thing where you are hung upside down over this view and then one of the pulleys detaches and you plunge into the valley. So awesome, I opted for the grandmotherly cable car ride instead.

Inside Baclayon Church. One of the most serene places of worship I've ever been to.

Candles outside Baclayon. Light a pink candle for "love and affection," purple for material wealth, red for passion and courage. I forget what the other colors stand for.

Sunrise on a bangka on the way to Balicasag island and en route to some very shy dolphins.

Sunrise over a "secret port"
Have a wonderful break, folks. May we all get the much needed rest and reflection we need to recharge and come back, guns a-blazin'.

PS: Wanna make me a happier mama? Brush up on your Holy Week reading. Get your e-copy now of The Thrifty Mom's Guide to Style. It's here on Amazon if you have a Kindle and on Smashwords for other devices. 

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