Friday, April 20, 2012


Hey team.

Four generations: My mom, me, my Abuela, and my cousin (my mom's sister's daughter). Christmas 2010
It's been a difficult few days for yours truly. Got some disappointing news early this week over something I'd been looking forward to. And then on Wednesday, 10pm, my Abuela - my mom's mom - passed away.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer in early 2011 and went through surgery and a year of chemo. She was a champion, her energy hardly flagging even during the most difficult treatment. Chemo ended early this year. She was going to do another course of treatment, when she had something that seemed like a stroke. After some medical sleuthing, it turned out it wasn't a "traditional" stroke per se...The cancer had reached her brain.

This past month we've been gathering together almost every weekend, while my mom and titas and titos - all Abuela's kids - have been with her everyday to care for her. She loved parties and having us around, so this brought her joy.

Abuela, two weeks ago. Note the accessories, perfect manicure and make up!
I last saw her on Black Saturday. We had a swimming party/picnic at my sister's village. I kidded her about already finishing the make up I gave her on Christmas agad. "Hay naku! It's finished na. I use it everyday!" she laughed. She was always wonderfully turned out, with her nails done and her make up fixed and her arms and fingers adorned with all sorts of abubot.

She was very funny, loved to joke and laugh and tell stories in this wonderful shocked or conspiratorial voice. I will miss her poking me in the shoulder during family lunches to share chika or comment about someone (hehehe). She was such a character, so it's hard to process that just two weeks after this picture was taken, she was gone.

She went though in peace and with a smile on her face, as she was read Psalm 23 - The Lord is my shepherd. We knew then that the Lord took her into his grace and peace, freeing her from her suffering.

We all miss her.

Te amamos Abuela.


cris said...

Condolences to you and your family.

*Faith* said...

Sorry for your loss luv, will pray for you & your whole family.

Katrina said...

thank you :)


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