Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ask Mudra: Legs for days

Here's the thing: I have short legs. I only noticed in my 20s, when digital cameras allowed us to take multiple pictures of ourselves in our outfits (MY GOD remember how in "Clueless" Cher takes Polaroids of her outfits? I was in high school then and let me tell you, that was the dream! Thank God for technology; we don't need to be as rich as Cher Horowitz to check ourselves out!)

Anyhoo, I was recently asked: How do you "fake" long legs? You know, for those days when you feel the urge to show your pins off but, like me, you are aware they are actually stumpy?

The answer: tights and monochrome, baby.

Observe the unbroken column of black starting from my black dress (Surplus Shop), tights (Old Navy) and pumps (B-Club). The shortness of the dress (which is why I wore tights in the first place!) exposes a lengthier amount of leg, and having the darkness of the tights echo down to the shoes tricks the eye that this is all one long line.

You can try this trick too with tights and shoes in a different color - as long as they are the same. A nice tomato red version would look KILLER!

Because the short dress/dark tights/heels look can be kind-of saucy, I balanced the look with a more girlish, conservative vibe up top.

The demure moss green cardigan (Landmark) is librarian chic, and this dress's high neckline keeps things prim. I added peachy lips and a silver snakeskin hairband (SM Department Store) for a student-y look. A metal disc necklace (Girl Shoppe) prevents it from looking too twee.

Got a burning question on your mind? Leave it in the comments or ask it through my handy contact form up there and I'll get to it on my next Ask Mudra! post!

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