Monday, May 28, 2012

Bangs and Pizzazz

Let's get cracking on an 80s-inspired plus size workwear post. Our equation is:

Rebecca DeMornay bangs + mannish polo shirt + cardigan
+ pleated pants + strong lips x leopard flats = Working Girl, working in a man's world, oooh babeh

Edited the picture with PicMonkey too (shhhh don't tell, it's our little secret) for that 1980s snapshot feel!

My bangs have since grown out but each weekend I vacillate between cutting them again or keeping them in their current sideswept state. Bangs iz hard to maintainz for wavy gurls like me.

Credits: Girl Shoppe necklace, Human polo (circa 2002 baby!), Shop With No Name cardigan, Terra Nova trousers, Parisian flats.

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