Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fashion Burger

What could be better than a nice, juicy burger and a copy (a few months old) of your favorite magazine? Precious little, let me tell you THAT.

Anyway I figured you guys needed a break from the gray industrial office carpeting and the flourescent lighting, so here's a rare lunch-out photo shoot, featuring my baby brother (who is not such a baby anymore as he's here with me 'cause the dude interned for one of our departments!)

Lunch was at the Fort Strip. (But I figure you guys already knew that.) Can't beat these giant red planters though for a photo opp! But wait, there's more!

Simple layered look. True confession: this was taken in February, when it wasn't so incredibly searing hot and thus layering was possible. I wouldn't attempt this again any time soon.

Wearing: Old Navy tunic; thrifted vest; Bayo cropped pants; Bosquejo necklace; Landmark maryjanes.

Check out my baby bro:

I know, it's creepy. Like the curly bearded version of me.

Peace out, fashion burgers!

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