Monday, May 21, 2012

Life's too short to be haggard


What a week, you guys! (What a summer, more like, but that's another post). Commuting to the hospital early in the morning, staying there till evening, then going home and working till 1am WHILE watching over the youngest (not to mention the worry and the stress and the tears over a sick child) = Haggardo Versoza ng Bonggang Bongga! So when my son was finally discharged on Saturday, I treated him to a foot spa (he'd been complaining about his ooky feet at the hospital) while I got a much, much needed mani-pedi at the lovely California Nails & Day Spa. Tanggal stress ko 'day. (Annabelle Rama mode). Wanna see what I got?

 Neon pink baby, 'cause I'm back in business! (The shade is Orly OMG).

Anyway, to celebrate my "comeback" here's an outfit that made me feel all ferosh all day long:

Knit top, The Gap (thrifted); Hygeia undershirt; SM Department Store belt; Forever 21 deep purple pencil skirt; red heels, Fioni (Payless); earrings from the Russian Market in Cambodia; Mother's Day present heart necklace; Girl Shoppe bangles

The Forever 21 pencil skirt is a godsend! Cotton and stretchy, it's so easy to wear (bought another one in teal.) I love it for an instant, yet subtle, sexy boost. I do admit belly-ful gals like me may have a hard time wrangling this, so some tips: wear it with a tunic or a long-ish top to smooth over the bulges and balance with the tightness of the bottom, add a belt to direct the eyes to your hourglass figure, and high heels lift up and sexify knee length skirts like this, which tend to look dowdy with low heels.

Those heels do hurt, however. (Wore them to that wedding). But they're so pretty! Here's a closer look:

Do as I do and travel with cheater flats in your bag and you can minimize the injury, lol!

It's great to be back, I missed you guys! Let's never part again! Mwah mwah!


BelatedBloomer said...

I do that! Haha! I stash flats in the car or in my bag (kung kasya!)

Katrina said...

Hi hi!! Yes, para din di masira ang beautiful shoesettes! :D


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