Friday, May 11, 2012


Hello Philippines! How are you enjoying your heat and humidity? I know I say that every year, "it's NEVER been this hot before," but man, it's never been this hot before. We have a nifty alarm clock in our living room (don't ask) that also displays the temperature, and let me tell you, each day it's about 37C and at night it hovers between 33-34C. In the past we used to get two days a week with this kind of temp during the summer; this time it's been an unbroken sizzle since Holy Week - the first of April.

Which is to say, I live in lightweight cool clothes now. This is one of my favorites, featuring this super light and super summery Forever 21 top. Its extremely thin and I love that Aztec-y print and the lime green (which is totally not something I'd wear, before, but hey, hooray for color!) and it's cut in this wide, square way that works really well with my chestiness. I decided to echo the arrow-pointing-to-my-belly direction of the print with an arrowhead-ish necklace, also Forever 21. (And a big hit with everyone I see. They're all touchy and, "I love your necklace!")

I DID NOT wear this with jeans, because denim + this temperature = tears of stickiness. Instead I went with ye olde thrifted asymmetrical balloon skirt:
 And my suede Old Navy sandals. Yeah, I kinda need new shoes.

 And the total outfit, with matching moody pose:
Now am off to get something cold to drink, momma's parched!

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