Thursday, May 3, 2012

Off Duty Bonanza

I know I promised you guys more outfit photos last week...and I kind of dropped the ball on that one, big time by neglecting this blog! Well Monday was busy and Tuesday was a break and yesterday was my son's birthday, which I took as a day off...but enough excuses! I promised pictures, so here are pictures galore: an Off Duty Plus Size Fasyon Mudra Bonanza!

A dress for all seasons

In many ways it's easier to dress for the office than for the weekend -- I've got a formula down for achieving the right mix of business and personality, and you can count on aircon in the office, so it's easier to layer. Weekends are usually spent running from one errand to another, or hanging out in someone's home uber-casually. Oftentimes I reach for a maxi dress, as it's the perfect balance of comfort and style for the weekend. You've seen this ikat dress in this blog before...

L-R: my sister, son, daughter, hubby, me and brother, at my sister's housewarming a couple months ago
Bonus: the baby girl inspecting the house!
   It's just easy to wear and presko but not too daster-y so it's my favorite weekend staple. I also wore it to the beach recently:

With one of my closest friends, Chiqui, who visited from Australia
 This was taken in Tali about two weeks ago, at the height of the incredible heat wave. Yet this dress, from Terra Nova, remained cool and comfy! That evening I went with something more casual:

L-R Chiqui, me and my friends Thesa and Antoinette
Our friends were kidding us about the "long gown competition" looks, LOL. But this tube dress (Weekender, SM Department Store) was super comfy and cool and was a lovely coral shade.

BFF Brigade
Since second year college I've been close friends with four girls - Chiqui and Thesa (as you see above) and Cha and Mariel. We're like a boy band, each with a distinct character and style!
They're going to kill me for posting this! Circa 1999: Thesa, Chiqui, Mariel, me and Cha
Thesa's the quirky morena; Chiqui's the romantic, statuesque beauty; Mariel is bubbly, colorful and LOUD (in a good way); I'm the chubby tisay; and Cha is the preppy chinita

We've been friends for more than 10 years now, and we've seen it all - from teen heartbreak to career woes to marriage to kids and more! We've moved to different places and sometimes go without contact, but whenever we're together it's like time didn't pass at all!
Circa 2006, in Makati
Last weekend we got to hang out again, since Chiqui was in town, and I just loved our summer fasyon!

"Mommy! What bright colors you have!" LOL! I just love how each personality distinctly shines through the outfits, yet we still all coordinate! Boy band na boy band lang talaga!

I'm wearing: Forever 21 necklace and shirt, Wrangler denim miniskirt from 2002.
Here's more to love, life, family and friends, y'all!


Q said...

You're right sis, we'll kill you for that old pic. hahaha... just kidding. Thanks for including us in your Fashion blog. And Yes, we may have different personalities but we blend well together- parang Boy Band talaga!

Katrina said...

Hahaha! Can't resist sis! The latest in 1999 fasyon ang suot natin noon, lol!

Anonymous said...

nice idea.. thanks for sharing..

Anonymous said...

Ay I'm getting teary-eyed! Ngayon ko pa kasi nabasa eh kakapack ko lang. Great post Iggy and cheers to more than a decade of friendship and fasyon! Much love to you, D, Nuki and pretty Lisie. -Chiqui

Katrina said...

Love you too Chiqui! See you soon!


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