Monday, May 7, 2012

Preppy pants

So you all know how I'm wearing the shizz out of my pleated Terranova pants while I still can, so here's a quick preppy take on what's turning out to be a wardrobe essential:

 The striped blazer is supposedly a new spring 2012 thang, but I confess I've had mine since 2006, when I was 25 pounds lighter (observe how it strains to close). Eh, for accessorizing / insulating from the aircon, it's fine. It also goes to show, preppy clothes investments pays off! (Blazer, Rustans)

Other key takeaways:
1) Wearing these trousers with chunky block heels (Old Navy) lengthens the leg and counters the thigh-area chunk added by the pleats.
2) A skinny brown belt (SM Department Store) keeps everything streamlined and chic.
3) Plain white shirts = no fail. This one, with a bow, was purchased from an officemate in 2008. (label-less).
4) The only thing is outfit is missing? A neck party. Multiple strings and chains would've added interest and prevented it from becoming too preppy. Next time!

(notice the photo effects? My secret's Pic Monkey. AHLAVHET!)

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