Friday, May 25, 2012

PRP3 Episode 9 Review: Carnage Couture

A review of Project Runway Philippines season 3 Episode 9, "Waste Not Want Not". Otherwise known as the “Carnage Couture” episode. (Thank you Jenno, I’m soooooo using that!)

 Avant Garde from clockwise, top left: Iris Halpern Spring 2012, Viktor & Rolf Spring 2011 and Viktor & Rolf Spring 2010

Avant Garde challenges on design shows are a staple, yet I find them to be bit problematic. With Jojie Lloren explaining this particular avant garde challenge would make use of workroom scraps (retaso) and trash, I found myself thinking, how would I design that if I were in this show? And how does one exactly define “avant garde”? It’s said avant garde redefines the norms of fashion and takes it to a new direction, challenging proportion and aesthetics. (Great examples include Viktor & Rolf, see above.) But when does something cross over from avant garde to costume? Does a crazy concept + wild design = avant garde?

As Jenno and his “carnage couture cadaver carcass” showed, not necessarily.


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