Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Radio Silence

So on Monday this happened:

Scrombroid Fish Poisoning, courtesy of in-house caterer tulingan. 

Stuff  I learned from the experience: remove the tails from tulingan prior to cooking. Mom-in-law says never buy it during the summer, as it's prone to the poisoning thing from the heat. And with my cousin also getting the same thing from tuna belly, perhaps it's a good thing to avoid Scombridae (tuna, mackerel, marlin) fish altogether, what with the mercury and the decomposing-without-you-knowing-it thing.

And then, on Tuesday, THIS happened:

Acute tonsilopharyngitis, dehydration, possible strep throat. Yeah.

We had entertainment, though.
But yeah, this is all going on, so apologies on the radio silence and blog downtime. Take care y'all.

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