Friday, June 29, 2012


So you may or may not be aware that the Euro 2012 Championships have been going on this month, which means it's basically been a buffet of fantastic football for fans like me (I support Liverpool Football Club, so you can say I'm starved for great football hahaha!)

Nothing, not even the Champions League, generates the drama and excitement quite like nations football. Thoughtfully, the World Cup and the Euros take place every four years with a couple years' break in between (e.g. Euro 2008; World Cup 2010; Euro 2012, etc.), so Asians like me can rest our circadian rhythms from watching games at 2:30am for a  whole month. Don't laugh -- it's actually quite serious! (A Chinese man reportedly died from staying up for 11 days straight for the games. Even I, focusing on Group B and then Germany, am really screwed up from the lack of sleep.)

So why football, and why Germany? There's a level of anticipation and drama and skill and grace and brute force and physics and geometry and athleticism and psychological complexity and all-around beauty in football that makes it breathtaking and incredibly exciting. It's physically demanding yet so graceful, almost like ballet. And it's not like, say, basketball (sorry b-ball fans) where the high points and relatively easy scoring allows a lesser team to win just on the basis of a really good forward - just witness how Michael Jordan, coming out of retirement, was able to carry crap teams like the Washington Wizards to a few wins. Football is a team sport where everyone has to do their part: good goalkeeping; solid defense; fluid, pin-point midfield; creative and fearless forwards. And then it's still not enough: there's strategy and a certain mental toughness. You have to want to win and believe you can win, on top of that skill - otherwise, someone with bigger balls than you will beat you to it.

Which is more or less what happened to my beloved Germans last night when they lost the semi-final to Italy, which will go on to face Spain in the final. Sigh.

 I love Germany - and I find it hard to understand people who don't -- because they play the kind of football I like to watch. Relentless, tireless, dogged football. They're not divers (like Arjen Robben of the Netherlands or that dirty Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal) or dirty players like Italy (although to be fair the dirty tactics were kept to a minimum last night) or "art project" football (like Spain) where they get caught up with the perfection of their passes that they forget to actually score. The Germans just charge and charge and go and go. Yes, they did change tactics a bit this tournament - became more of a passing team, like Spain, whereas before they were known for the counterattack - but when they loosen up, like when they got four goals against Greece in the quarters, they are a joy to watch.

Unfortunately, they seemed unnerved by Italy or perhaps unwilling to face Spain again, which beat them in the Euro 2008 finals and the World Cup 2010 semis, and they sort of gave up and rolled over after Mario Balotelli scored on them. (Who...OK now I feel dirty because he's only 21, but isn't this kind of hot, in a raging bull kind of way? Because when he celebrated that goal I was just....No? OK, Just me then...)
And this is what I wore to mourn their loss: my Adidas Euro 2008 Germany jacket, an Izod tennis shirt and a big cup of coffee because I'm running on 3 hours of sleep here. (Jeans are Dorothy Perkins and I'm wearing my Syrup skull maryjanes too.)

(Yeah I really have to tie in my football fixation to "fashion" haha!)

I'm spending my weekend getting my nails done and finally getting my hair ombred to wash out the sting of Germany's defeat. Hope yours goes nice too!

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