Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Annie Hall'd

A few months ago I was finally able to catch the last third of Annie Hall, the 1977 classic directed by Woody Allen and starring him and Diane Keaton. I was excited to catch it as it is hailed as one of the best movies, ever, but because I didn't see it completely I just couldn't understand why someone as beautiful and smart and sexy as Annie Hall would be with Alvy Singer, Woody Allen's character, who's not only neurotic but kind of mean and self-pitying too.(So if anyone has a DVD they'd like to lend me, please throw it my way!!)

Anyway, I do agree that Diane Keaton is exceptional in this movie: luminous, magnetic, natural and just slightly mysterious. And as you all know from her movie costumes - most of which were reportedly her own collections of men's vintage fashion - incredibly stylish. I borrowed some of that menswear sensibility for this outfit.

I was thinking of one of those newsroom extras in The Daily Planet in those Christopher Reeve Superman movies - just something solidly built and workmanlike - as I put this together.

Eeeek the one thing I don't like about button-downs: gaps!
Paired it with a skirt and chunky maryjanes to balance the masculine elements. Credits: Men's shirt, St. Michael's (my mom's from the 80s); vest, Folded & Hung; skirt, Due; shoes, er, Landmark.
I wanted to evoke that concert-festival dandy look with my accessories, so I piled on my androgynous pieces. Silver necklace with heart, tusk and garnet pendant, a gift from my hubby + Bangkok; bead necklace, SM Department Store; bracelets, Bosquejo.


impossible girl said...

I love this look! Getting a shirt envy. :)

Katrina said...

Thanks thanks! That's my mom's shirt, it's probably 25 years old na. Never found one that fit quite like it!


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