Monday, June 4, 2012

Break out the knits!

Summer is over, woohoo!

OK, OK, I know some of you will want to charge me down and all, but after the brutality of this summer - let me remind you we've had nearly unbroken 37C daytime temperature since the first week of April (according to the barometer in the living room) - I can rejoice in the relative coolness of the rainy season. I've not had to open the A/C in four days! And better yet, I can wear my knits again!!!

This photo was taken in early January, when it was still a bit cool, but I'm eager to replicate it again. Loving the contrast of the knit and the leather and the gray faux-wool and the metal!

Click click click for the full look.

Yep, having fun with PicMonkey's "Tranquil" setting. :) 

Turtlenecks are great fun but they do tend to enhance one's, er, chestiness. What Not To Wear places this firmly in the "no" category for large-bosom-ed ladies. However I think you can mitigate the bulk it adds by wearing a statement necklace, which visually breaks up the torso. The leather waistband also draws the eye away from the torso, and bare legs keep this from looking too heavy.

Wearing: turtleneck, Landmark; skirt, Apple & Eve; shoes, B Club; necklace, Girl Shoppe.

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