Friday, June 1, 2012

Gray and sparkly, with a twist

Happy Friday!

On Monday I rather cynically tweeted: "I wonder what new and exciting crisis I'll have this week." (To recap the past eight weeks: Gramma passed away, uncle followed, got poisoned, son was confined, had a work SNAFU. Yeah, and you?) Thank the Lord above this week was fine! I'm glad to have rested and am now feeling the Friday vibes most wonderfully.

So here's a young and fresh Casual Friday look to celebrate!

Starting with a "young and fresh" hairstyle! It's called the French Twist and I first learned about it from Currystrumpet. It's super easy to do and looks so appealing and effortless, much like the braids and slightly beach-y hair we've been seeing on the red carpet.

Clicky to see the rest of the look!

Going for urban sparkle here - nothing too cutesy or princessy, but still with a touch of shiny magpie things. Wearing: white undershirt, American Eagle Outfitters (via Surplus Shop), sequined top, Limited, vest, Folded & Hung, jeans, Buffalo, skull maryjanes (with diamante skulls that you just don't see yet), Syrup. Necklace, Pratunam Market (Bangkok), link bracelet Bosquejo.

Used lots of pink and peach for my make up - the Face Shop's lip gloss and the Body Shop's terra cotta blush for more of that youthful zing.

Gah, I keep on going on about "young" and "youthful" like a crazy plastic surgery obsessed crone...anyhoo, enjoy your weekend! Kisses!

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