Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Layered black

So if yesterday's post was all frills and white sheer dresses and cutesy little yellow belts, well today it's from the opposite end of the spectrum: black and black and black, all layered and monochromatic, like a really practical kindergarten teacher. Because black doesn't show the stains from grubby little fingerpainted hands.

What, sorry, not making any sense today. Behold: the layered black outfit.

 Backlit and dramatic, just like your mom. (Did you miss the part about lacking sense?) Check out the pop-o'-color turquoise and jade necklace, one of my favorite finds ever.
Give us a smile now, luv.
Credits:  dress, thirfted; slip, So-En; vest, Magarbo; leopard flats, SM department store. Accessories: Necklace: Jade Market, Kowloon; leather bracelets, Bosquejo; gecko ring, Claire's Accessories.

Link love!

If you'd like to read something with a bit more sense, or a hell of a whole lot more humor, you could waste your time on these fine, fine links (as I have today):

 Amazing self-portraits by 18-year-old Alex Stoddard. The rain cloud? My favorite.

Jon Hamm, being adorable and funny and winning at life.

"I can't resist your beer-flavored face!" and other gems of advice from Cosmopolitan.

And this touching read of couples dining out, Tables for Two, told from the waiter's point of view.  How the writer can convey such empathy over a topic that could easily devolve into mean snark is a thing of beauty.

That's it pancit!

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