Thursday, June 21, 2012

Running for sanity

I feel bleh, therefore, I run.

This may be a bit TMI for ya (too much information), but as you regular readers know, I had a baby and nursed her exclusively for a year (we're still nursing now, but she takes formula during the day because I just. Could. Not. Pump. Anymore. Ugh ugh ugh cannot tell you how much I hate pumping milk.) So you know the thing that stops when you are pregnant and nursing  has reemerged and scrambled my hormones so now I am all angsty and reading The Bell Jar again and shit.

But strangely I have this sudden urge to get up and exercise. I consider myself pretty active and a great believer in exercise, but I don't do too well with solo - my favoritest activity in all the world is a nice aggressive game of futsal - so when there's no group games scheduled or yoga class to go to I tend to just ooze along, you know? But one Saturday I woke up early and popped in that torturous Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred DVD. And liked it.

Then! Then one day I brought my sneakers and a change of clothes to the office. Because I wanted to run. You know. By myself. Without chasing a ball or having a purpose in mind. Because I discovered through Daphne's post that there was a new running track here at The Fort, Track 30th.

And I've been there for two days in a row. I just love Track 30th.

Taken with my Blackberry, hence the blah quality.
It's got a nice track with gentle slopes and a fence and some guards (perfect for paranoid androids like me) and some cool areas where one can work out, like this awesome telephone pole installation, complete with suggested exercise diagrams.

Dudes I actually stretched out on a bench and did dips and crunches and push-ups in public, which I never do! Felt awesome afterwards.

I do have to say that a good exercise playlist is also key to a good workout. Yesterday I relied on my Blackberry shuffle and forgot that I have a penchant for sad 80s music, and man it's hard to run to The Smiths. Today I made a playlist with, like, Nine Inch Nails' Closer and Fly Like a G6 (shut up that's a really great song!) and Moves Like Jagger (try to stop yourself from running to that beat) and classic Siouxsie Soux & The Banshees' Hong Kong Garden and I zipped along like the Energizer Bunny.

And because it behooves me to post my running "look":
That post-run "glow" bwahahaha
Branded for Less American Eagle Outfitters loose capri exercise pants; Fila running shoes; and socks from 7-11 'cause I forgot to replenish my exercise bag.
And what do you know, I'm feeling better. Exercise endorphins for the win!


impossible girl said...

Yay! I love working out. That thing is my drug and my church. :)

Katrina said...



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