Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We got the Beat

I've been reading about that On the Road film, based on the novel by Jack Kerouac, and I've been thinking about the Beats. Non-conformist, experimental, intensely self-centered, they started the counterculture revolution (something I remember when some of that self-centered writing rings corny to these 2012 eyes). Style-wise they also moved toward a looser, casual vibe -  something unrestricted but still rooted in that wholesome, well-made mid-century.

I particularly like the images in the middle, of  Brit "Teddy Boys" 

Here's something inspired a little bit by that whole Beat vibe.

There's the Beat staple - a black turtleneck! Here I wanted to offset the sweater's structure with something loose and flowy - hence, the brown peasant skirt. Which I love. Even when I get teased as a manghuhula (fortune-teller) when I wear it! Bright red lips and a subtle winged eyeliner bring the '50s vibe. 

Wore my leopard flats too for a little sumthin' - sumthin'!

Credits: sweater, Landmark; skirt, Weekender; flats, Mario D'Boro

Accessory shot: love, love, love this capiz shell pendant from Aksesorya. My giant gold eQuip ring echoes the shape nicely too.

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