Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ask Mudra: Dressing for exercise day (or, my yoga thang)

If you've been following me on Twitter you may have noticed how I'm going on and on about yoga every Wednesday. That's 'cause I'm taking classes again at Yoga Manila in their Makati Studio. I do Slow Flow, which is for beginners but is quite challenging! It's helped me a get over my bout with the blues, add conditioning and toning to my cardio, and at the same time relax and turn my mind off.

The thing is that I commute with a monstrous bag each day and I bring my mat to class too, so yoga / exercise day is quite a challenge, wardrobe-wise.

1)  Gotta keep things light and trim excess baggage where I can. Can't wear heels because my bag's already taken up with my yoga clothes so there's no space for alternate flats/slippers.

2) Lace-up shoes also a no-no as shoes are left outside studio door and it takes forever to take them off/put them on among rushing students (as I found last week)

3) Can't have too many things on, as they'll just be unceremoniously rolled in a huge ball and stuffed into the bag after exercise class, so no layering.

4) Has to be something easy to change out of on the inevitable mad rush to leave work late and get to class on time

5) But dangit it still has to be cute! Exercise day is no excuse to be schleppy!

Here's the solution to all those challenges:
This is the OM Yoga Bag in Fire, bought from Lightweight and cute, it's made of organic natural fiber at just P500, plus proceeds benefit a livelihood project for unemployed women in Mabini, Batangas, so double yay! 

Super simple, really: 

Take one (1) cute, lightweight dress, add a lightweight cardigan and some easy flats, and there ya go! Cute and simple and ready for exercise day.

The dress comes off (ooh) in one pull and, though decent and not-see though, it's thin enough to fold down and stuff into one's bag with minimal bulk. The cardigan keeps things decent in the office and doubles as a cover up when I venture out in my yoga-pants-and-tank-top exercise ensemble. The shoes, while rather ragged, slip on and off quick too, so no more struggling with laces before and after class.

Credits: dress, Phocea (Landmark); cardigan, Shop With No Name, (Singapore); espadrille low wedges, Divisoria.

Other considerations for Exercise Day:
- Keep jewelry / accessories to a minimum. This is not the day for an arm party! Trust me, it's just another pile of stuff you have to take off and keep track on top of everything else you're doing - not worth it!

- Keep make up light too. On my first class back I'd had cat's eye make up on and soon as I started sweating it ran into my eyes. Aside from being itchy at the end of the class I looked like the moomoo in Halimaw sa Banga*, so, no!

Here's I'm just wearing Clinique All About Eyes concealer (Light Petal), Avon Eyebrow Defining Pencil (brown),  Human Nature 100% Natural Perfect Coverage Mineral Foundation (Vanilla), Human Nature 100% Natural Mineral Blush (Rosy Cheeks), and Human Nature tinted lip balm (Flame Tree).

Don't forget your towel and water and go on, enjoy!
*Here's the aforementioned moomoo for your reference.

And because Halimaw sa Banga is one of my all-time favorite Filipino movies:


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