Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blush and Lace (and escaping the memo police)

Bringing sexy back to work. (Hyukyukyuk!)

(And yes, someone's been enjoying PicMonkey's textures!)

I bought this shirt to wear to my daughter's first birthday, in keeping with our glamorosa Mama birthday ethos, but worried that because the top part was sheer lace, I could only wear it on nights out. (Which I almost never do anymore, huhuhu).

Anyway one day I just thought, screw it. It's a beautiful top; I'm tucking it into my  favorite pencil skirt and calling it a day. Paired it with orange shoes too for a pop of the unexpected. And whaddaya know, it was fine. No one spontaneously combusted because I was wearing something slightly see-through!

Credits: Top, Forever 21; skirt, Apple & Eve; pumps, Zara TRF; necklace, Bosquejo
Visible bra straps, que horor! NOT.
Went for rosy cheeks via Victoria's Secret cheek stain and equally rosy lips with the Face Shop lip gloss.

What's your company dress code? Is it restrictive? Could you get away with something a little sheer like this or would the Memo Police be on your back immediately? Do tell!

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