Wednesday, July 18, 2012


OH GOD THE BUSYNESS WHEN WILL IT NEVER END ;LKADNVlkNv'lndv #thud #soundoffrothing

Ahem. Where was I. AH, yes. Sorry for the radio silence - lots-o'-work and all that, but one of my projects eez done so I think we can relax, hmm? In any case, even though I feel like stale old pizza at the moment, here's a lovely look that's all about looking fresh and dewy to take our minds off being, well, through the wringer.

 Points to ponder:
1. Blue and brown is really a lovely color combination. I've done this in a more saturated hue, but this gentler, more washed-out color is nice too, right?
2. The side ponytail + peachy blush + pink lips = frezzzz. Discuss.
3. Thrifting can get you anywhere. Sweater, Gap (thrifted from dear sister's closet); skirt, Topshop, from the now defunct Magarbo.
4. Oh the other stuff: Hygeia tank top, Old Navy suede sandals heels, blingy earrings and pendant, Mother's Day gifts from the eldest.

That's it, off hoooooooooooome!


Sheila said...

What happened to Magarbo?

Katrina said...

Casa Susana where Magarbo was has been demolished :( I think they're building a condo there? I don't know if Magarbo relocated somewhere else.


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