Friday, July 20, 2012

Rain drops keep falling EVERYWHERE!

I keep on putting off buying boots for rainy weather. Every time the weather's good and I see a pair I like, I don't feel the urgency to get them. And then it starts raining all Noah-and-the-Ark-like, like today, and I could kick myself for putting them off AGAIN.

(I'm wearing red polka dot canvas and rubber flats, and they are so not equal to today's deluge.)

I've always had such a strict criteria of what my ideal boots should look like, but I'm rethinking that for these beauties:
Palladium Baggy Leather
Ready for Rain flower boots

Plueys Lace print rainboots

Plueys Origami boots

The Palladium boots speak to my inner grungey riot grrrl; I love how the floral print on the gray Ready for Rain boots make something utilitarian so cute; those lace-printed Plueys just break my heart (none left in my size!); and the pink Origami Plueys are just so cheerful, any gloomy day will instantly be brighter with these on.

Like any of these? Get 5% discount off them at Zalora when you quote this voucher code: KatAtienza0. Happy shopping - and hope your rainy day goes a lot more fashionable than mine!

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