Friday, July 13, 2012

Shopping other people's closets

How do you take it when people clean out their closets and then give you their old clothes

I'm fine with it, although it can be tricky. Sometimes I find some real gems that end up as favorites. Sometimes I get some blah stuff, but with a fold here or a tuck there it becomes something much better. And sometimes I'm pressed to accept some really not nice things and it's so hard to say "Er, thanks, but no thanks for the size 3XL pleated floral polyester double-breasted blouse..."

So it's like thrifting! (Minus the guilt at not accepting some stuff part).

Here's an outfit put together from other people's cast-offs:

This bright yellow blouse is my mother-in-law's! The sleeves are shaped a bit funny, but nothing that a few folds can't fix. The white skirt is my sister's, and I'm just happy it fit!

This is my attempt at a "style blogger" look (hehe.) Specifically, that intersection between nerdy and hipster, usually involving crisp collars buttoned all the way up balanced with something feminine and girly. I added a couple necklaces - the cookie locket's from the Negros Showroom* while the silver one's from Forever 21 - and completed the whole thing with leopard flats (Parisian).

*ok I'm adding a link since I saw this Facebook post about Jamie Foxx causing a furor over a "Flavors of Negros" food stall picture he posted and wow. Come on people. Try Wikipedia. Negros is an island in the Philippines; my family is from Negros Occidental; the Negros Showroom is this wonderful shop in Bacolod City selling the wares of independent producers; and the food stall Foxx posted showcases the delicacies of my province. Just so you know.

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