Thursday, July 26, 2012

The story of a lost princess*, lalalala

Once upon a time there was princess who had her pregnancy formal skirt altered with shorter black lining. She decided to pair this with a gray tank top and her favorite gray cardigan. She was so pleased with herself that she took a walk in an enchanted forest.

 BUT ALAS! The woods closed in around her, and the princess found herself lost. Whither shall she look for direction?

(Keep reading. It gets stranger. A cute animal is involved, Snow White-style. No I'm not high. Really.)

 A magic adorable bulldog came bounding. "Oh my dearest princess, look thou towards the West and therein your eyes shall alight on the Brass Tree. Compare it to Yggdrasil, heart, and there find your wings."

"Whither is this Brass Tree?" asked the princess. "Oh I am so forlorn I shall twirl my skirt to show you all my fantastic alteration and...."

"...THE TREE! I HAVE FOUND IT!" said the princess ecstatically. She closed her eyes and felt a tug along her shoulderblades. A bell rung.
And the princess found her wings. THE END.

*Sorry, I just really like these photos, taken at Burgos Circle and Chicken and Beer at Bonifacio Global City, and I wanted to post them all. Maybe it's because I'm currently reading Othello so I'm feeling very dramatic and overwrought, heehee.

Credits: Cardigan, Bugis Market; tank top, SM Surplus Shop; skirt, modista-made and altered; sandals, Bangkok; capiz pendant, Aksesorya

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